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– World Records Award

Universal Records Forum – World Records Award

The Kandathil Kudumbayogam is the oldest existing Family Association of its kind in the world. Sri Kandathil Varughese Mappillai, Former Chief Editor of Malayala Manorama founded the Kandathil Kudumbayogam in 1892 as the 3rd Public Limited Company in Kerala (The Ist was the Punalur Paper Mills and 2nd is Malayala Manorama). The family has grown to 10th generation. URF is privileged to record this first and unique achievement in its Book Of World Records on 10th October 2016, conceding the 126th anniversary of the family get together. URF award was given to our family by URF Chief Editor Dr. Sunil Joseph for conducting Kudumbayogam for 125 years continuously. President K. C. Eapen, Secretary K. M. Cherian and General Convener Eapen Mathew received the certificate and memento.

Documentaries about three inspiring leaders of our family

1. K. C. Mammen Mappallai (Kunjuchayan)
K. C. Mammen Mappallai took charge as the Chief Editor of Malayala Manorama on the sudden demise of the Founder and Chief Editor Kandathil Varughese Mappallai on July 1904. He was not only a prominent figure in the newspaper industry, but also in various other industries like banking, insurance, agriculture and trading. He had a major role in social, political, literary and educational development in Kerala.

2. K. C. Chacko (Kuttychayan)
The Saint of Kandathil family. He is one of the founders of The Union Christian College and Fellowship house of Alwaye. An old age home started in memory of Kuttychayan – Chacko Homes – may be the first in Kerala of its kind.

3. K. E. Mammen (Babenchayan)
A true freedom fighter and Gandhian, he is a one man army against any evil in society and a crusader against drugs and alcohol. When we think of Babenchayan the picture comes to mind of his simple attire – jubba and dhothi, Gandhi cap, a stole around his neck and clothbag on his shoulder. He loved everyone especially the weaker section of society. He used to visit houses of troubled families and would do whatever he could to solve their problems as long as his health permitted him.